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About Us


We are a Stockholm based multi media production company that loves the concept of visualizing and spreading ideas.

In these hectic times of possibilities and entrepenourship it is almost impossible to stand out in the crowd. If you are too stiff in your marketing, they'll think that you're trying too hard or that you're no fun working with. If you are too silly, they'll think that you are goofying around and you'll come across as unproffessional. 

We believe that it is the right combination of both that makes your

company / service stand out and.

The right combination of sweet, bitter and creamy.

Just like a Cortado.

Our Story

We are a community of freelancers based in Stockholm who all share a passion for the art of storytelling.

Cortado Visual was started in 2021 by Hampus Forssander and Olle Björnekull in order to make a difference in the world of marketing. They have been working as freelancers within the industry since 2017 and one night, after a few glasses of wine, they realised that something was missing in the field of visual storytelling. There are tons of multi media companies in the industry but none of them seem to focus on the story and the feeling of the product. Everything nowadays is always about cool graphics and transitions. We believe that it is the combination that makes the people interested.

Meet The Team

Hampus 4x5.jpg

Hampus Forssander, 24 years old.

Hampus grew up the suburbs of Järfälla. He is a master of style, clothes and red wine. 

With a camera in his right hand and a cortado in his left, there is no doubt that magic is about to be made.

Camera of choice: Canon

Olle 4x5.jpg

Olle Björnekull, 25 years old

Olle grew up the suburbs of Nacka in Stockholm. He loves Coke Zero, sunny weather(not optimal in Sthlm) and boats.

This trigger happy multi media master is all about the art of combining the visuals with the audio. The recepie for perfection is the combination.

Camera of choice: Sony


Emil Eriksson, 24 years old.

Camera of Choice: Nikon

Emil 4x5.jpg

Adam Casselbrandt, 19 years old

Camera of Choice: Black Magic

Adam 4x5.jpg

Jonas Arnehall, 19 years old.

Camera of Choice: Sony

Jonas 4x5.jpg

Emil Sjöström, 26 years old.

Camera of Choice: Sony

Empe 4x5.jpg
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